RWF believes that students will respect a resource more if they know the resource more. Accordingly, where possible, RWF strives to partner with schools in the area of Renewable World Energies facilities in a effort to bring students into the watershed and show them the resource, how to keep it clean, what steps hydro facilities take to monitor the water entrusted to them, and complete small tasks that help the facility.

The foundation provides all of the canoes and safety equipment needed. In addition the foundation maintains water safety training, ACA training, and CPR training in all personnel working around the water. The foundation provides ramen noodles for lunch, cooked along the shore during the canoe trip, many times with water filtered from the river. We ask the students to help with the loading and cleanup at the end of a trip.

Menominee River Kingsford School Canoeing

Kingsford Canoeing
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