IREP-Movies and art from 8 Great Years on Isle Royale

2019 was our last season of IREP- ferry costs have made the program on the island unsustainable in the long run. Take a look at the movies and books on the right from our times on the island. Although the island is out, the program itself goes on through the Outdoor Sustainability Program on the mainland.

A rare opportunity to be immersed in the majesty of a unique and wondrous natural area.

RWF, jointly with the National Park Service, offer this rare opportunity. It is through partnerships like this that RWF is able to enrich energy and environmental conservation education throughout the Midwest.

The standard group size allowed to travel together on the island is 10. The NPS has allowed RWF to partner with schools and bring 16 students across Lake Superior from Grand Portage, MN to Isle Royale.

Life Changing   

Students participate in classes focused on renewable energy, environmental stewardship, earth science, and history through hands on activities. They learn to live with a group of peers and experience an outdoor adventure unlike any other. RWF staff teach the basics of water filtering, camping, outdoor cooking, and leave no trace ethics. Students also learn about the inter-connectedness of natural and human systems through on site programs provided by the NPS and Isle Royale Institute Staff.

Larry teaching kids about solar and the NPS
Girl's night hike, just hanging out
Making Breakfast
Pack In/ Pack Out

Living lightly is an essential part of the IREP experience. Everything that is brought to the island needs to be removed from the island. Being self sufficient is a requirement. If you are unprepared there is no convenience store around the corner.

Students in front of the Windigo sign

Natural Wonders

Isle Royale is a one-of-a kind natural wonder. Animal and plant populations participate in unique, studiable inter-relationships like no where else. Around every corner is an opportunity to learn and be awe-inspired.

All About Team

We all go in together and we all come out together. This is the motto on the hiking trips. Everyone supports everyone else...we are a team!

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