Student engagement is at the top of our list for E&M. Whether it is building a student electron demonstration, putting hands on a Van De Graaff generator or helping build an electromagnet, student involvement is an integral part. A hallmark of our teaching style is hands-on , minds-on learning. We are dedicated to connecting with students on multiple levels. Engage their minds, engage their hands, engage their sense of purpose and you have a recipe for success! Time and time again, we hear students comment, "This is the most fun I have had learning."

Life Changing

Reaching the hearts and minds of students is something we take very seriously at the Renewable World Foundation.  We believe that if you provide youth with the tools and support to create a better world, they will do just that.  Encouraging youth to participate in their education, not just receive education, is essential to reaching them at their level.  In doing so, they learn to value our planet, its systems and everything connected to it, including each other.

Lentz Law


Lentz Law shows the students how a magnetic field can levitate a metallic object. In the photo the magnet is creating current as it passes through the metal tube. The students apply scientific predictions to multiple scenarios.

High Voltage

Our in- class program is an energy packed session. Students are taught high voltage safety and scientific procedure. Volunteers participate in experiments showing how a Van De Graaf Generator, Jacob's Ladder, and Tesla Coil work. Invasive species control, a small version of the underwater fish fence in Illinois shows how the fish outsmart the fence.

Jacob's Ladder

Electron Movement

Understanding how electrons move is key to understanding energy storage and movement. Students are used to demonstrate electron flow through a fun and interactive process.

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